Hafernik Genealogy Database

Almost all of the information on this site was painstakingly researched by Bob and Ima Hafernik over a period of many years. They have made many trips to courthouses, graveyards and churches. They've interviewed relatives, neighbors of relatives and record keepers of all sorts. Other branches of the family (including several distant relatives from France and the Czech Republic) have contributed information, old documents and memories.

The site currently represents a small fraction of the information they have collected. The next phase of development will be to introduce more of the documents, photos, grave rubbings and other physical evidence they have collected.

The photos used on this site were taken by unknown family members. Through one route or another they ended up in our hands, but we don't know who took them or who is in the vast majority of them. If you recognize a photo or someone in one of the photos, speak up. There are dozens more; we hope to post more of them soon.

If you have questions or problems with the site, or if you have information to contribute, contact Rob Hafernik at rob AT hafernik.com (replacing " AT " with "@", of course). J2EE source code for this site is available, along with database schemas and other supporting information.

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