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Hafernik Genealogy Database

19 November 2004Moved up to a more modern, 21st century version of Metaphone
17 November 2004Complete redesign of site: moved to J2EE code base and a new hosted server with fat pipes for better access and faster searches
11 June 2002The site has been migrated to a new server: a Mac running OS X
28 December 2001New Metaphone search implemented. Now you can search by the sound of a name, even if you cannot spell it correctly
20 January 2001The database is now fully relational, using MySQL and PHP - searches should be much faster.
11 January 2001We now have an SQL back end, via PHP. Soon, the whole genealogy database will be SQL based.
2 July 2000A new version of the database is available starting today. The new version has 805 people in it.
1 July 2000Search function is finally working! You can search the database.
13 June 2000News page (the one you are looking at now) finally back up.
7 June 2000Database back up. The new database is served via CGI, rather than the old method of static pages for each entry.
13 April 2000Site moved from service provider to dedicated Linux box.

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